Mum and Baby/Toddler Fitness Class
10.30am - 11.15am

Old Colfeians, Horn Park, Eltham Road, London, SE12 8UE

(Entrance to the hall is located opposite Weigall Road).

£12 per class or

£45 for a block of 5 classes to be used within 7 weeks.

Free parking available at the venue, buggy parking and baby changing facilities.

Wednesday and Friday

Outdoor postnatal workout for Mum and baby/child 
10.00am - 11.00am

Manor House Gardens, Taunton Road, Lee SE13 5SU

Meet outside the Pistachios in the park Cafe, close to the Old Road entrance to the park. 

£8 per class or

£32.50 for a block of 5 classes (to be used within 7 weeks).

Metered on street parking available, walking distance to Hither Green Train Station, cafe and baby changing facilities.


   Fitness classes for mums with free childcare provided    



Hi, I’m Jenni. I’m a qualified Pre and post natal Exercise to music instructor and a mum to two young and very energetic boys.

I always loved attending fitness classes and this is one of the things I missed not being able to do once I had children. As a tired mum, I found that if I could get myself motivated enough to attend a fitness session then I had more energy to be with my boys. However, once my eldest started moving it felt that my exercise days were over. I couldn’t just leave him in a buggy and get on with my squats - I spent the whole class chasing after him and not joining in!

That’s when I realised there had to be a better way to exercise with your toddler, so I decided to set up Baby Steps Fitness. Offering baby and child friendly aerobics style classes where mums can exercise in the safe knowledge that their precious little one is safe and being entertained within their eyesight in a play group type environment. 

As the name suggests, the focus of the class is to ease mums at all fitness levels back into exercise in a safe and effective way, helping her to feel great. You can feel confident that you will work up a sweat whilst we target all those areas which have been affected by pregnancy and the class will be similar to a Legs, Bums and Tums session.

I also offer an evening adults only aerobics class. If you fancy having a workout without the children in tow, then come along! If you don't have children, then still come along! They are fun and sociable and will target the whole body whatever your level of fitness. I will give options so you can go as hard as you want or ease yourself back in and most importantly have some time to yourself ;-)

Details of the class times, venues and prices are listed on my Class Details page. Once you choose which session suits you please message me so I can send you some more information on the classes and can reserve you a space as the numbers are limited. 

Classes will be fun, sociable, motivating and of course a whole body workout (sweaty ;-) so grab your trainers and lets get started…..




Mummy wellbeing workshop

Regaining core strength and foods that boost energy and beat new mum burnout!


Thursday 26 April 2018, 11am-12.30pm

Beckenham Dance Company Studios, 

76 High Street,

Beckenham, BR3 1ED

Calling new mums, tired mums, baby brained mums, crazy mums (collectively all known as normal mums!) who want to do a class for themselves and not have to sing the wheels on the bus!


Carly at Nala Nutrition and Jenni at Baby Steps Fitness have joined forces to create our Mummy Wellness Workshop focussing on helping you regain the old you!  


If you’re feeling shattered, craving sugar and caffeine to keep you going, fed up at still not having lost that baby belly, and sick of thinking about what to cook, stop, breathe, relax! We’ve both been there and we’re here to help.


Jenni, a specialist Pre and Post-natal Fitness Instructor, will be taking you through a 45 minute workout on core strength, stretching, toning, and back pain relief.  A handout on all the exercises and instructions will be supplied so you can practise them in the comfort of home after the session. 


Carly, a Registered Nutrition Practitioner, will help you understand some of the hormonal changes that happen post-natal and how particular foods and nutrients can help boost your energy.  Carly will also introduce ideas for quick and easy meals, batch cooking suggestions, healthy snacks for your nappy bag, label reading and how to meal plan efficiently to reduce cooking stresses and making poor choices.  


We’ll be plying you with lots of ideas for small changes for big effects, recipes handouts, and we’ll even spoon feed you a whole meal planner of mummy and baby friendly meals that are delicious, nutritious and most importantly, quick and easy to cook.


So step away from the biscuit tin, put your own needs first for once, and join us for a fun and practical workshop teaching you how to regain your core strength and eat well to boost your energy and improve your mood.  

To book please email Jenni on

£25 for the session, or take advantage of our recommend a friend discount where two friends book and pay together for £20 each. 

Babies / toddlers are most welcome and we will do our best to help entertain them while you are doing your workout or discussing nutrition.  However please do bring along some of your own toys and matts/blankets for them.  If you are able to get a babysitter and really focus on yourself for an hour and a half that would be even better!


Meditation and Core Strength - 4 November 2017

Baby Steps Fitness is excited to offer the third Mummy Wellbeing workshop in partnership with Urban Healing - Meditation and Core Strength on Saturday 4th November 2017, 3.15-4.30pm.




Do you suffer with back pain?


Would you like to regain tone and stability in your core muscles, including your abs and back?


Do you suffer from Guilty Mum Syndrome?


Symtoms include:

  - Im a bad mum because I work too much or I don’t work at all…

  - Comparing yourself to others, she’s coping…

  - Making everyone else happy and you come last

  - Thinking you're a superwoman 

  - Guilt because sometimes you get a bit bored or resentful 



At times its really tough being a Mum & feeling guilt is very normal. Michelle from Urban Healing provides a workshop session discussing why we can feel so guilty, with practical advice and solutions to make Mums feel great again!


Michelle will also take you through a guided meditation to help you relax and unwind and connect with yourself again. 


Many Mums find that after having their baby they are left with very little core strength. All too often the weakening of the abdominal muscles leads to a bad back and a weak bladder. The constant lifting of our children, feeding and poor posture left over from pregnancy can cause havoc with our back.


Jenni from Baby Steps Fitness will take you through a range of exercises to stretch and tone the important core muscles which will help to relieve the stresses on your body after pregnancy, birth and having young children. 

The focus will be on regaining strength in your core muscles, including the abdominals (to help women suffering with separated tummy muscles), back and pelvic floor. 


The session will be simple and easy to follow so you can practise the exercises in the comfort of your own home after the session if you wish. 





Saturday 4th November 2017, 3.15-4.30pm


30 minute fitness session focused on regaining strength in the core (abs and back) and


45 minute interactive talk on Mummy Guilt Syndrome and a guided meditation.





Old Colfeians, Horn Park, Eltham Road, London, SE12 8UE


(Entrance to the hall is located opposite Weigall Road)














The fitness session is run by me (Jenni) I am a qualified pre and post natal exercise to music instructor. I am going to take you through a low impact exercise session that’s aimed at mums looking to get back in to exercise after having your baby whether it was recently or a long time ago.


The session is following on from my first workshop showing you different exercises so you can be confident that you will get something out of the session.



Michelle, the founder of Urban Healing, is a mum of two boys and knows how tough it can be being a Mum. As a holistic counselling practitioner, specialising in working with women, Michelle shares self-help advice and practices that can help with the everyday highs and lows of being a Mum.




The workshop costs £15, reserve and pay for your ticket by emailing You can drop in on the day but the on the door price is £17.50 and we can only take cash. No refunds i’m afraid. 



Extra info:

No childcare provided like in my usual class.

Feel free to bring along baby or come on your own so you can really focus on you.

Please wear comfortable workout gear, with a good supportive bra and trainers.

Bring along an exercise mat for floor work.

To secure your place I will ask people to pay the full price of the ticket by bank transfer. Tickets are non refundable I’m afraid.



Classes have limited places so we do ask you reserve a spot in advance. In order to do so please send an email to

or call 07895 832 284, detailing which classes and dates you would like to attend.


If you'd like to discuss more details about Baby Steps Fitness, feel free to email, fill in the

form below or call 07895 832 284


Q. What should I bring along to the class?


A.  In order to participate safely you need to be in comfortable workout gear and wear trainers which offer good support. Please bring along an exercise mat to use during floor work, a towel for personal use and a bottle of water to stay hydrated during the session.


In the mum and baby/toddler sessions bring along anything that you may need for baby for example changing bag, milk, etc. 


Q. What should I do before the class?


A. If joining the postnatal classes you will need to have completed your 6 week check with your doctor or health care professional. This is extended to 8-12 weeks for a Caesarian section birth/birth with complications. 


The advice is that Mums who have had a natural vaginal delivery with no complications can resume gentle/ low impact exercise after their 6 week check and mums who had a Caesarian or any complications wait for 8-12 weeks and always check with their doctor or health care professional before starting exercise. 


When you get in contact to let me know your interested in coming I will send you a brief health screening document which I will need you to read, fill in and sign before joining the class. This form can be completed and emailed back to me or printed and bought along to your first class. I am afraid that without this form I cannot let you join in the lesson. All information provided will be kept secure and confidential. 


I will also require you to complete the health screening form before attending the regular adults only aerobics class.


Try and eat a light meal/snack at least an hour before the class to keep your energy levels up.


If you are breastfeeding then try and feed baby before the class so your breasts are not heavy and uncomfortable.

Q. What will the workout be like during the class?


A. All of the classes will be run in a similar format, we will start with a warm up to prepare you for the session, once you are warm we will complete a cardiovascular section to get you working hard and improve fitness levels. We will also have a section of toning to work on muscular strength and endurance and floor based exercises. We will always finish with a stretch to aid relaxation and stretch all the muscles which would have worked hard throughout the session. 


Postnatal classes are 45 minutes in length and the regular adults only class is one hour. 


Q. Where and what will my child be doing whilst I exercise?


A. During the baby and toddler sessions your precious little one will be in the same room and always within sight. The halls where the class takes place are large enough to have mum exercising at one end and children hopefully entertained at the opposite end. 


There will be basic toys and games provided that are age appropriate. There will also be someone present to oversee the children. This person is present to oversee the children and help keep them entertained only. They are not able to change or feed babies and will only touch/hold babies with your consent.


Mum/carers have to be responsible for their own children and cannot leave the room without them. Also all toys and games are used at your own risk. 


When you get in contact to book a class I will give a full list of terms and conditions. 


The main aim of the person being present is so that hopefully Mum can exercise knowing that her child is being kept entertained and enjoying themselves playing with their peers allowing mum a stress and guilt free time to exercise ;-)

Q- What are your outdoor postnatal fitness classes like and what should I bring?

A- Just like my indoor classes they are aimed at all fitness levels so whether you are returning to exercise after having your baby or a regular to exercise classes the class will be suitable for you. I will give options throughout so everyone can safely take part.


The class will consist of a warm up with some stretching, a cardiovascular section to get the heart rate up and end with toning exercises and a stretch. 


Whilst you are exercising you can have baby/child in their buggy or they can be beside you.


Please consider the following;


Wear comfortable workout gear, a good supportive bra and trainers,

Bring along some water,

An exercise mat or picnic rug for placing on the grass,

Towel for personal use and

Anything you may need for baby/child.


There is no age limit for the children so feel free to come along if they are 6 weeks old or 12 years old. The more the merrier :-)

The class will run whether its rain or sunshine so please dress accordingly and come along whatever the weather. 


This class is different to my indoor classes in the fact that I will not have my helper present and will not be able to provide toys for the children like I do in my indoor classes. However the park and resistance bands seem to provide great entertainment for the little ones ;-)


Manor House Gardens is a great location with a cafe where we can all head for a chat and coffee after, a play area for the children and a duck pond. It is situated in the grounds of the beautiful Manor House library. 


Q. What facilities are available at the venue?


A. Horn Park Hall in Lee - 

Free parking available

Buggy parking (in the foyer at the entrance or in the hall)

Baby changing facilities

Tea and coffee available from the venue



St Michael and All Angels, Blackheath-

Free on street parking available

Manor House Gardens- 

Metered parking available

Baby changing facilities



Details and a map of locations can be found on the Class Details tab. 


Q. What qualifications do you hold?


A. Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor and Level 3 Pre and Post natal qualification both completed through the YMCA.


I have completed a qualification in order to adapt exercises for pregnant and post natal Mums so you can be assured that you are in safe hands.



Any further questions?


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. I will always try and answer your questions as promptly as possible. You can contact me at my e mail address, fill out the Contact form on my contact page or alternatively give me a call or text on 07895 832 284



A final bit of information you may find useful:


Separated stomach muscles (diastasis recti)

It's common for the two muscles that run down the middle of your stomach to separate during pregnancy. This is sometimes called diastasis recti, or divarication.

The amount of separation varies from one woman to another. It happens because your growing womb (uterus) pushes the muscles apart, making them longer and weaker.

Most women don't notice any problems as their stomach muscles separate in pregnancy. But you might notice a bulge developing down the front of your bump, above and below your belly button.


After you have had your baby, you can check the size of the separation with this simple technique:

  • Lie on your back with your legs bent and your feet flat on the floor.

  • Raise your shoulders off the floor slightly and look down at your tummy. Using the tips of your fingers, feel between the edges of the muscles, above and below your belly button. See how many fingers you can fit into the gap between your muscles.

  • Do this regularly to check that the gap is gradually decreasing.


The separation between your stomach muscles will usually go back to normal by the time your baby is eight weeks old. If the gap is still obvious at eight weeks, the muscles may still be long and weak. This can put you at risk of back problems.


If you are able you can check the size of your separation if applicable at home before attending the class or if not I’m happy to help you complete the check.


Until there is less than a two finger width gap you should not be completing any form of abdominal crunches (sit ups). In the class we will be working on the pelvic floor muscles but until they are repaired and strong enough you should not take part in any form of exercise which involves impact such as running or jumping. 



Just attended a mum and baby class with Jenni at Horn Park and loved it! A good workout (especially for a new mum who hasn't done any exercise in months...) challenging but not so difficult that you'd be put off coming again! The hall is set up perfectly for babies and toddlers with lots of toys and has lots of space so the class feels lovely and spacious. My 3 month old slept through the whole thing but I was able to watch him from the other side of the hall and so knew he was ok. I'll be going back!

Nush, Greenwich

Really great class. Well geared to mums returning to exercise after having a baby, and Jenni was really flexible about having your child with you. I did half the class with my 10 week old in a sling and she suggested adjustments to the movements so I could still join in, then did the floor work with him on a mat in front of me. Great to get moving again.

Helen, Lee

jenni runs a fun and fast aerobics class! She gets heart rates up and muscles working. Her own energy is an inspiration! Running her friendly classes and running after her two young boys!

Tammie, Greenwich

Great aerobics class, the class was fun and got the heart rate going. Felt fantastic afterwards.

Cynthia, Blackheath

It was one of the best aerobics classes I've had! Jenni is somebody who makes you work hard but with a smile on your face, really enjoyed it and can't recommend it enough!

Mira, Lee

Fab exercise class with such a motivating teacher!! The hour flew by!! Highly recommend!! 

Louise, Blackheath

Wow! What a workout! It was a fab class and I hardly noticed the time passing. Jenni is a fab teacher and her enthusiasm and warm personality will get you through the class. Funky tunes too. Go!

Donna, Lee