July 26, 2017

Baby Steps Fitness is teaming up with Esther from Thula Mama to offer a Charity Fitness and Music fundraiser for parents to attend with their babies/toddlers on Wednesday 16th August at 10am in Manor House Gardens, Taunton Road, Lee, SE13 5SU.

Baby Steps Fitness is prou...

July 26, 2017

Side Plank-

An excellent exercise to strengthen the stabilising muscles of the spine, lower back and buttocks. 

Step 1-

Lying on your right side prop your self up on your right forearm. Your forearm should be under your shoulder and in line with your hips. Straighten your...

July 23, 2017

Summer Social Mummy Walk and Talk

I have spoken to many of you about how the Summer holidays can be a lonely prospect when all the usual baby classes are cancelled over the summer. This is why I have decided to set up the Social Mummy walk and talk so parents can get...

July 23, 2017

Side-lying Leg Lift

This is a simple and effective exercise to strengthen your core, buttocks and hip flexors.

Step 1-

Lie on the right side your body with your ankles one on top of the other. Use your right hand to support your head and place your left hand on the floor...

July 16, 2017

This week I am demonstrating a 

Prone leg lift-

This simple exercise is great for strengthening your bottom and for pelvic stability.

Step 1- 

Lie on your front with your forehead resting on the back of your arms and keep your legs straight. Engage your core and squeeze yo...

July 16, 2017

Setting meaningful and realistic goals-

As I mentioned last week I feel so passionate about Mummy wellbeing which is so much more than just fitness. I would like to discuss with you about setting meaningful goals this week and how to make it something you can stick at....

July 9, 2017

3/4 Plank-

This is an excellent exercise to engage your core and many major muscles groups including your abs, lower back and quads.

Step 1-

Lie face down with your elbows to your sides, your head facing forward and palms flat on the floor.

Step 2- 

Keeping your knees on th...

July 4, 2017

I recently completed a survey to ask about pricing.

I asked the question-

If I gave you the option of paying £50.00 for a block of 5 exercise classes to be used over a 3 month period or

£40.00 for a block of 5 classes to be used over 7 weeks which would you prefer?

The res...

July 2, 2017

Outdoor Bootcamp Fundraiser Wednesday 19th July 2017, 8-9pm Manor House Gardens, Lee.

To book your place please visit www.norriedisease.org.uk and donate £8 on their Just Giving page to secure your place at the class. 

The Norrie Disease Foundation helps raise money for...

July 2, 2017


This is a great exercise to strengthen your lower back, bum and shoulders.

Step 1-

Knee on all fours, with your knees under your hips and hands under your shoulders. Keep your back straight.

Step 2-

Engaging your core, raise one arm in front of you and the opposit...

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