Baby Steps Fitness Third Newsletter

One exercise at a time.....

Welcome everyone to my third newsletter. One of the reasons that I wanted to start running exercise classes was that I wanted to help Mums to know what they can and can't do when it comes to exercise after giving birth. I know that I personally felt that after my 6 week check with my first son that I had no idea what I could and couldn't do with regards to exercise. I also wanted to know when my body would start to feel like my own again? I know the doctors do an amazing job with fewer and fewer resources so I'm not knocking them but I know that I could have done with some more information. This is what I am hoping to offer. This week I would like to start by talking about diastasis recti, this is the medical term for the separation of the tummy muscles which can affect women during and after pregnancy. I have given a step by step guide for how to check and further useful information on the blog page of my website.

Come along and join us...

I wanted to offer classes where Mums can workout without the mummy guilt that inevitably comes when we feel that we are doing something for ourselves. You can feel confident that baby/toddler will also gain something out of the class. There are toys and games provided to keep them entertained and other children to interact with. My helper Erika is on hand to help keep the children entertained. Think of all those good endorphins that you get after exercise, Happy Mummy Happy Baby :-)

Special Offer... Bring along a friend for free and if the friend returns then you can have a free lesson. To celebrate the launch of my Postnatal outdoor workout I'm offering your first class for free. Keep reading for further details. Classes Running... All classes are running this week throughout half term as usual. If you have older children off school then feel free to bring them along. To view full class details click on the class details tab.

Exciting News...

Starting on Wednesday 31st May Baby Steps Fitness are offering postnatal outdoor buggy fitness classes at Manor House Gardens, Taunton Road, Lee, SE13 5SU. Classes will start at 10am for one hour. We will meet outside the Pistachios Cafe close to the Old Road entrance to the park. The first class will be complimentary so come along and join us. Full details of what to expect can be found on the FAQ'S page on my website and class and venue details by clicking on my class details tab.

Something for everyone...

With the addition of my outdoor postnatal exercise class there should be a class to suit everyone. If you love to exercise in the great outdoors then come along on Wednesday mornings. If you prefer to have your children entertained in a safe hall so you can really concentrate on your workout then come along to my indoor class on Tuesday or Thursday. Finally if you want to leave the kids at home and really concentrate on your workout then come along to my evening adults only class on Monday. Drop me an email at to let me know which session you fancy attending. The choice is yours....

Grab your trainers, children and buggies and join us...

If you fancy joining one of my classes drop me a message to let me know you're coming at or call/text 07895832284. Look forward to working with you. Until next time.... Jenni

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