Calling all Mums-

Calling All Mums -

Take Control of YOUR Wellbeing!

As mums, we frequently find ourselves tired, stressed and putting everybody else’s needs above our own. We do it because we love our little munchkins to pieces, and will continue to do so forever more, come hell or high water!

But despite our unwavering commitment:

  • we reach our limits

  • we operate in a dazed exhaustion

  • our bodies begin to shut down

We wonder if we will ever begin to feel human again. A short break becomes a luxury, and when it comes, all we want to do is sleep. We find it impossible to exercise, socialise and re-energise.

If you know the above feeling all too well, then look no further! Baby Steps Fitness is excited to announce that our first ever Wellbeing Workshop – Confidence and Core Conditioning – is being held on Saturday 9th September 2017.

The workshop will be split into two absorbing sessions:

  • 30 minutes of gentle exercise

  • 45 minute talk with a fabulous guest speaker

The exercise will be low impact and has been tailored towards easing you back into exercise after pregnancy.

Confidence Coach Andrea Barker will then deliver an engaging talk centred around the confidence issues that we may face as a new mother. Tasks, team building activities and refreshments will all be part of Mummy’s rewarding recuperation time!

So come and have some fun with like-minded mums, as we take control of our wellbeing! We will help you in your quest to become strong, dynamic and contented as you journey through Motherhood.

One hour and fifteen minutes is all it takes to bring that sparkle back! Having the power over our own health and happiness is ultimately the key to being not only the best mothers, but also the most satisfied individuals.

For detailed information on the workshop, please visit our website here:

Workshop tickets cost £15 per person, with £1 of every purchase going towards the great work of The Norrie Disease Foundation:

Book your place NOW by emailing:

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