Meditation and Core Strength

Baby Steps Fitness is excited to offer the third Mummy Wellbeing workshop in partnership with Urban Healing - Meditation and Core Strength on Saturday 4th November 2017, 3.15-4.30pm. **** Do you suffer with back pain? Would you like to regain tone and stability in your core muscles, including your abs and back? Do you suffer from Guilty Mum Syndrome? Symtoms include: Im a bad mum because I work too much or I don’t work at all… Comparing yourself to others, she’s coping… Making everyone else happy and you come last Thinking you're a superwoman Guilt because sometimes you get a bit bored or resentful **** At times its really tough being a Mum & feeling guilt is very normal. Michelle from Urban Healing provides a workshop session discussing why we can feel so guilty, with practical advice and solutions to make Mums feel great again! Michelle will also take you through a guided meditation to help you relax and unwind and connect with yourself again. Many Mums find that after having their baby they are left with very little core strength. All too often the weakening of the abdominal muscles leads to a bad back and a weak bladder. The constant lifting of our children, feeding and poor posture left over from pregnancy can cause havoc with our back. Jenni from Baby Steps Fitness will take you through a range of exercises to stretch and tone the important core muscles which will help to relieve the stresses on your body after pregnancy, birth and having young children. The focus will be on regaining strength in your core muscles, including the abdominals (to help women suffering with separated tummy muscles), back and pelvic floor. The session will be simple and easy to follow so you can practise the exercises in the comfort of your own home after the session if you wish. When? Saturday 4th November 2017, 3.15-4.30pm 30 minute fitness session focused on regaining strength in the core (abs and back) and 45 minute interactive talk on Mummy Guilt Syndrome and a guided meditation. Where? Old Colfeians, Horn Park, Eltham Road, London, SE12 8UE (Entrance to the hall is located opposite Weigall Road) Who? The fitness session is run by me (Jenni) I am a qualified pre and post natal exercise to music instructor. I am going to take you through a low impact exercise session that’s aimed at mums looking to get back in to exercise after having your baby whether it was recently or a long time ago. The session is following on from my first workshop showing you different exercises so you can be confident that you will get something out of the session. Michelle, the founder of Urban Healing, is a mum of two boys and knows how tough it can be being a Mum. As a holistic counselling practitioner, specialising in working with women, Michelle shares self-help advice and practices that can help with the everyday highs and lows of being a Mum. How? The workshop costs £15, reserve and pay for your ticket by emailing You can drop in on the day but the on the door price is £17.50 and we can only take cash. No refunds I’m afraid. Extra info: No childcare provided like in my usual class. Feel free to bring along baby or come on your own so you can really focus on you. Please wear comfortable workout gear, with a good supportive bra and trainers. Bring along an exercise mat for floor work. To secure your place I will ask people to pay the full price of the ticket by bank transfer. Tickets are non refundable I’m afraid.

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