Weekly Mummy Mindfulness Sessions...

Baby Steps Fitness is very excited to be teaming up with Michelle from Urban Healing to offer a weekly Mummy Mindfulness class. The sessions will be held on Fridays at 10am at Horn Park (part of the Old Colfeians) Eltham Road, Lee, SE12 8UE. Sessions are for Mums to attend with their children of any age.

The session will last for 1 hour and will be broken down as follows;

30/40 minutes spent discussing a different topic relevant to Motherhood and time spend practicing present moment living, mindfulness and meditation.

The final part of the hour will be spent enjoying a cup of tea and will allow time for Mums to get to know each other and spend some time asking any questions you may have.

There will be a different topic discussed each week with the focus always being on Mummy’s wellbeing and learning and growing together.

The focus of the sessions are to give Mums practical and manageable skills that they can use in their daily parenting and personal lives.

Whilst Mummy is taking part in the discussion your children will be overseen by a helper. There will be toys and games provided to entertain and stimulate the children. As with all of our classes it is a ‘guilt free’ experience as whilst Mum is doing something to look after her own wellbeing and mental health your child is also gaining valuable skills and interacting with other children in a safe and stimulating environment.

The first session will be held on Friday 1st December at 10am- Merry Mindfulness- a discussion on ways to use mindfulness and meditation to cope during the Christmas period. Christmas is a very exciting time, what parent doesn’t love watching their children’s faces light up as they excitedly tear open their eagerly awaited Christmas presents. However for some of us it can be a stressful time of year, theres a lot of pressure to deliver the ‘perfect’ Christmas experience, cooking, cleaning, tidying up and being thrown in with the whole family!! Let’s all get together and focus on making the festivities as merry as we can.

Friday 8th December at 10am- Prepare and Propell- a discussion focusing on preparing and propelling you in to the new year. It can be a strange time of year as we reflect on the year we have had and think to the new year. Whether it has been the best year of your life or one you cant wait to see the back of we will have a discussion on ways to banish any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. We will provide some simple strategies for taking ‘baby steps’ towards achieving more of what you want in your life.

We will break for Christmas mentally prepared and return on…

Friday 5th January 2018 at 10am- New Year, New You- A discussion about maintaining the motivation and inner strength to make positive changes in your life. Many people feel they have renewed energy for the new year but a couple of weeks in can slip back in to old habits. Make and keep goals, figure out what your purpose is and make positive changes to our internal responses to the outside world. We are all here to support each other as we learn and grow together.

Michelle is a qualified and experienced mindfulness practitioner, meditation guide and qualified life coach. Michelle was trained by The Holistic Healing College London and trained with Bromley Mindfulness. Her clients include individuals, The Lodge Space Canada Water, Millwall female academy and Bromley Mindfulness. She also co host’s specialised meditation retreats and workshops.

Sessions are £12 drop in, £50 if you book a block of 5 sessions to be used within 3 months and £40 if you book a block of 5 sessions to be used within 7 weeks. If you have a pass for my Tuesday class this can be used for the Indoor mum and baby/toddler fitness class and for Mummy Mindfulness.

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