Diary of a Mindful Mummy...

An honest Introduction

Who am I?

I am Jenni, a Mum to two young boys (Lucas 1 and Ollie 2 years old). I live in South East London with my Husband. Like most people living in South East London I don’t live very close to my family.

I got pregnant (honestly don’t know how that happened ;-) with my second son Lucas whilst still on Maternity leave with Ollie so I didn’t return to work. I was due to return to work when Lucas was 7 months old but found like many Mums that I couldn’t return to my old job as it was very inflexible and was also a long commute away. It was also shift work so not something that I could work around nursery hours.

I felt ready to return to work part time to fit around my family life. I had always fancied becoming a fitness instructor but had always worked shift work so could never commit to a regular class. In January 2017 I decided that I would retrain to become a fitness instructor with the view of setting up my own fitness classes for Mums to attend with their babies and toddlers. I completed my pre and post natal qualification to be able to work with Mums.

In May 2017 I started my classes. I offered classes for Mum to attend with their children. My classes were slightly different in the fact that I bought along toys and games for the children and provided a helper to look after the children so that Mum could concentrate on exercising and doing something great for herself.

Once I started my classes I began to realise a common theme amongst almost every Mum and that was that we were ‘surviving’ the days and putting our needs at the bottom of the pile. We were all so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs whilst running ourselves in to the ground. This is when I realised that I wanted to offer Mums more than just fitness, I wanted to learn how to help these Mums not only ‘survive’ but thrive.

It was also a time in my life where I had been going through a tough time and realised that I was just about surviving the day. I had recently set up my own business, had a 1 and a 2 year to look after at home. I had two boys that were full of beans and knew exactly how to push all my buttons.

My health and diet was a mess, although my new business venture was running mum and baby fitness classes I had never felt so unhealthy in my mind and body. I was completely addicted to sugar and eating rubbish that was quick and easy to get through the day.

I started having migraines, being sick and feeling faint. What I hadn't realised at the time was that was my bodies way of saying things weren't working.

I managed to keep going until one day I collapsed whilst out with both of my boys. I had taken them to a play area that I wasn't familiar with, I hadn’t realised at the time but I was having a panic attack. It was only from speaking with Michelle (my amazing holistic counsellor) and her managing to turn the light on in my mind that I realised.

I had my boys very close together in age which I am hoping as everyone says will have its benefits when they play together and are the best of friends when they are older. However at the moment I had a crawling baby and a running toddler. My toddler loved to run away, he could open the gates to the park and had no fear to make a run for it with the biggest smile on his face!!

I realised after my collapse that parks were no longer an option for me. I felt so tense with adrenaline careering through my body constantly trying to watch my two boys at opposite ends of the play area and feeling totally out of control.

This was when I realised that I needed some help to talk to someone about how to cope with my life. This is when I went to see the amazing Michelle from Urban Healing (http://www.urbanheal.co.uk/home.html)

Michelle introduced me to mindfulness and meditation which is where my journey started…

Until next time, for further information about me or my company Baby Steps Fitness search https://www.babystepsfitness.co.uk or email me at babystepsfitnesslondon@gmail.com to let me know you’re thoughts or any questions you might have. I always love to hear from fellow Mummy’s.

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