Baby Steps to better classes and more choice...

We have been very busy at Baby Steps Fitness adding new classes and instructors to be able to give you more choice and flexibility. We currently offer classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

I know that it can be a daunting experience to try out a new class. I know as I used to be terrified of attending group exercise classes at my local gym. You don't want to be at the front of the class doing all the wrong steps, you don't know if the people will be friendly or look at you like you don't belong there. Will you be able to keep up? These were all concerns that I used to have and that's why I work really hard to make sure that all of my classes are friendly and supportive. Although I am there to push you to reach your fitness goals I always make sure that it's at your own pace and your enjoying what you're doing. I always say to my participants that I don't care if your going left and we're going right as long as you're moving and smiling then I'm happy. There is a real community feel to all of my classes which I love and makes my job worth while when I see you all having fun and making friends. There are lots of lovely reviews on my website and Facebook page if you're concerned and want to hear from other Mums just like you. We also have different classes to cater to different needs, if you want a fast paced high energy workout then come and join us on Monday evenings at our Adults only aerobics in Blackheath. Tuesday and Wednesday morning Mum and Baby classes are aimed at improving your cardio fitness and strength. If you prefer a slower pace and want to focus on regaining core strength and flexibility then join our Tuesday evening Adults only Yoga in Lee or Friday morning Core Conditioning for Mums to attend with their babies/children. If exercise isn't your thing then why not join us on a Friday morning for a relaxing meditation session. It's for Mums to attend with or without their children. We have a helper present to look after the children so you can focus on relaxing and we have a discussion every week on different topics around Mummy's wellbeing. Further details can be found by clicking here. Do you know a friend or family member who would benefit from one of my classes? Get them to come along with you and receive one free class as a thank you :-) Full schedule of classes can be found by clicking here in the class details tab.

Yoga running in half term...

Tuesday evening yoga will be running in half term week. However all my other classes will not be running between Monday 12th February and Sunday 18th.

All classes will resume as normal on Monday 19th February.

Diary of a Mindful Mummy...

In case you missed it click here to read my second blog post. I have received some really lovely feedback from many Mums saying that they can relate to where I'm coming from and feel that the happiness of the whole family falls on their shoulders. I always love to receive your feedback so thank you.


I always love to receive feedback so please if you have any suggestions about a certain class that you would like to see added to my timetable please let me know. Let me know what day, time and location you would like to have a class and I will see what I can do. If you haven't yet please can you give me a 'Like' on my Facebook page by clicking here. You can follow me on Instagram at baby_steps_fitness Look forward to seeing you soon at one of my classes. Until next time...Jenni :-)

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